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14 Stunning Views Of Pakistan’s Tremendous Volcanoes


Pakistan is truly a country that has everything, from deep valleys and thick forests to barren deserts and snow-covered mountains. This isn’t all that Pakistan has, it also has some volcanoes even one that appeared out of the sea in 2013, an amazing phenomenon.

Unlike other places, the majority of volcanoes in Pakistan are mud volcanoes. Found in two groups; one near the Makran Highway, which is the highest concentration area of mud volcanoes and another group further into the Balochistan province near the border of Afghanistan.

Here’s a look at these amazing creations of nature.

1. The majestic Neza e Sultan

Neza e Sultan
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2. This massive mud volcano surfaced of the coast of Gwadar in 2013 named Zalzala Island

Mud volcano off the coast of gwadar
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3. View of Zalzala Island from Gwadar coast

Zalzala Island 640
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4. A Mud Volcano Island of diversity – some places are muddy and others are sandy and rocky. Phenomenon to behold

zalzala island diversity

5. The depth of the Chandragup mud volcano


6. Highest Active Mud Volcano – 300 feet above sea level

Highest mud volcano

7. Hindus travel to the Chandragup Mud Volcanoes – without any fear the People view the inside of the active volcano

chandra gup volcano
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8. The immense and still active mud volcano


9. Beautiful and deadly at the same time – inside Rani mud volcano

Paksitan Rani Mud Volcano

10. An active mud volcano

Active mud volcano

11. Aerial view of a mud volcano in Balochistan


12. Pressure of methane gas is released through mud spewing out of the volcanoes

Methane gas released

13. The mouth of a mud volcano – Hingol

the mouth of a mud volcano
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14. The land of mud volcanos

mud volcanoes
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Have you ever seen one of these majestic volcanos?