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14 Gym Moments That Will Leave You In A Chuckle


Getting in shape requires dedication and commitment. Once you’ve set some goals, it should be easy to get in the gym and hit them, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Obstacles creep up, and if you’re not careful, excuses can keep you from getting the physique you want.

Things can really go wrong like in these following pictures:

1. It sure takes strong will power to start working out..

jokes of the day / jokesoftheday.net

Always keep in mind: Get rid of that flabby TONDH!

2. You don’t want to even think about what happens next…

tumblr / 41.media.tumblr.com

You might want to watch your balance!

3. And those show-offs on our facebook lists..

pinstopin / pinstopin.com

You gotta agree with me on this one.. we all have that one friend..

4. We all have someone like this at the gym..

mixed martial arts /mixedmartialarts.com

It’s time to get yourself a trainer; NO KIDDING!

5. It’s not a one-day game…

funnyand / funnyand.com

Checking your abs everyday? Taking selfies now and then to see how much you’ve progressed? “Yar bus abs check kar”

6. Whoa!! easy now…

giphy / giphy.com

And for a moment you thank God you didn’t die!

7. Those leg workouts are BAD!!!

pinterest / pinterest.com

Up for some basketball or soccer? 😛

8. One should not play ball on the treadmill!

giphy / giphy.com

Does this look like a Mcdonald’s play area to you?

9. Never, ever ignore your legs..

elite daily / elitedaily.com

Hell no, you don’t want to look like a teenager yoga instructor now do you?

10. 50 minutes of selfies, and 10 mins of workout…

imgbuddy / imgbuddy.com

This can mean only one thing; no mirror at home.

11. And when you start losing dedication…

pinterest / pinterest.com

You seem to be the busiest person in this universe!

12. Say bye-bye to your dream body..

tampabayaatheltics / tampabayathletics.com

You’re wasting your time and money..

13. Arms are supposed to be even right?

my frugal fitness / myfrugalfitness.com


14. Jeans and gym?

mission mission / missionmission.org

And no shoes???!!!!

Have you spotted anything crazy at your gym??