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13 Reasons Why People Keep Returning To The Stunning Hunza Valley


Hunza Valley, known to many in the world as ‘Heaven on Earth’. A vibrant place that shows the best of mother nature in the winter and summer. Overflowing with color and beauty that it can leave the mind stunned. For those that have never been here they have no idea what they are missing out on. It’s one of the places that should be a must on our bucket lists. For those that have been to Hunza, the pull of returning to the valley is always there.

Here are just a few reasons why Hunza Valley keeps drawing people.

1. Baltit Fort

 Altit Fort
Hunza adventure tours/hunzaadventuretours.com.pk

An aerial view of one of the oldest Forts in Hunza.

2. Ata Baad Lake

Ata Baad Lake

The beautiful lake that was created from a landslide.

3. Autumn in Hunza Valley

Autumn in Hunza Valley

A clear autumn sky with thousands of stars to see.

4. Autumn in Hunza Valley


Witness the change in seasons in the glorious valley.

5. Autumn Hunza

Autumn Hunza
Hunza Guides Pakistan/hunzaguidespakistan.com

Breathtaking colors of green and red.

6. Baltit Fort and Diran Peak

Baltit Fort and Darian Peak

Darian Peak overlooking the old Fort in Hunza.

7. Hunza Valley Fields

Hunza Valley Fields

The plateaus of fields that bring ripe apricots and peaches. So juicy yum!

8. Gilgit River


Right from the glaciers further north come the waters of the Gilgit river.

9. Gojal Valley

Gojal Valley
Hunza Adventure Tours/hunzaadventuretours.com

The valley that changes colors with every season.

10. Rakaposhi Mountain


The beautiful snow covered mountain surrounded by lush greenery.

11. Shimshal Lake

Shimshal Lake

Clear waters that mirror the sky.

12. Hunza in the Winter

Hunza in the Winter

The winter in Hunza brings out the cold stark beauty of snow and ice.

13. The People of Hunza

hunza people
Two Hunza Boys

The beautiful people and the natural beauty are irresistible and constantly call on us to return or visit. Make the trip and experience why Hunza is so beautiful, the pictures are not enough.

Would you like to take a trip out to Hunza? Have you gone to Hunza Valley before?