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13 People We All Know That Are Irritating Because They Are Always Late!!!


Everyone is late once in a while. But some people can take it too far. We all have friends, family and co-workers that can drive us insane with them being consistently late.

Here are some irritating ways people we know can be late and annoy the hell out of us.

1. The Friend that is the only person with a car and takes you to university everyday but who also always wakes up late

always wakes up late

2. The Co-worker that always shows up for work late and has all the excuses for why they are late

late for work
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3. The friend that walks into a surprise party late and laughs it off and says – It was a surprise? Oh, well let’s party!

it was a surprise so what

4. The aunt that believes she is never late and that other’s are just simply early

never late

5. When you are supposed to meet someone for dinner, but they show up an hour late and start talking – and you are starving at this point

Waiting for a friend for dinner

6. The wife or girlfriend that says she’ll be ready in five minutes – an hour later she still says ‘Just five more minutes’

putting on makeup
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7. Your cousin that never can find something to wear when going out – hence they are never ever ready on time

never can find anything to wear

8. When you tell your father, you are getting late for school and he should hurry up and he tells you to just calm down

when u tell your father is getting late
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9. Your best friend coming up with worst excuses for coming over late

bad excuses
Head over feels

10. The person that comes late to the movies and then goes nuts because it’s late and doesn’t think the movie should have started so early

friend goes not after being late

11. Your Mom – when she says goodbye over and over again when leaving someone’s house

12. The lost soul that’s late getting anywhere because the can’t figure out directions


13. The uncle that claims he is never late or early he always arrives at the right time

always arrives at the right time

How many of these people do you know ???