Never sat in a rickshaw? You don’t know what you’re missing (and maybe that’s a good thing). Every ride in a rickshaw is an adventure, and not always the kind you’re ready to take again the next day. These bumpy, unpredictable rides indeed come with their experiences. Here are the twelve moments we’re all too familiar with when it comes to rickshaw rides in Pakistan

1. You keep waving your hand in the air, but every rickshaw that crosses you is fully loaded…

 Dost Pakistan/
Dost Pakistan/

Of course, you will never get one when you need it the most! And the empty one you spot seems to be in a hurry.

2. The overloaded rickshaws go by…

Overloaded rickshaw

I wonder if they have room for one more.

3. Animals have better luck getting a rickshaw than you do


At least the cow will get to where it needs to go before I do.

4. When you look around and finally see one off in the distance, and you run for it, you haggle with him about the cost….


And you are back to where you started with, no rickshaw to take you. He looked scary!

5. When finally one stops, you debate. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Is this guy trustworthy? He is smiling too much

Harami Rickshaw Guy

But when he offers to take less without even arguing you know it’s time to split and find another one if you ever can.

6. You are waving one down when five stop

Rickshaw choice

When so many stop its hard to decide which one to pick.

7. You finally get into one, thinking ‘Ok this should be good, looks like a calm driver.’

Demon rickshaw driver

Then you realize you have the demon driver from hell, who has no idea what it means to slow down or to stop for traffic. AHHHH!!!!!!!

8. During your crazy rickshaw adventure, you see people more insane than your driver

Brave girls what if that tipped over????

9. Sharing a rickshaw? Carefully of sticky fingers…

Losing things

You might get off and realize your things have disappeared.

10. When your rickshaw ride seems too long…

Ja Kidar ra hai

Does this guy know where he’s going???

11. Trying to exit gracefully from the rickshaw is always different

Getting out of a rickshaw

Jump up, brush the dust off and off I go. Did anyone see me????

12. What you like when you finally get off a rickshaw.

5 minutes in a Rickshaw

When you finally get to where you’re going.

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