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12 Examples Of Stunning Islamic Inspired Architecture Around The World


Islamic architecture is known for it’s elegant arch doorways, dazzling minarets and spectacular intricate designs and impressive calligraphy work. Many believe that this remarkable style of architecture can only be found in mosques, yet you would be surprised to see the different buildings that Islamic architecture has influenced over the centuries.

Here are some of the stunning architectural designed that was influenced by Islamic architecture.

1. Petronas Towers – Malaysia

Petronas Towers

The towers resemble two very grand minarets, and the exterior of the tower is designed with steel and glass to resemble different Islamic patterns. Also, the cross section between the two towers is based on Rub el Hizb.

2. Dome of the Rock – Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock

It is said to be the oldest work of Islamic architecture, for its Dome centre and octagon shape.

3. Mshatta РAmman Palace


The palace was started in the 8th century but was never completed. Intricate geometric designs are symbolic of Islamic architecture. The wall was excavated in 1840 and reconstructed in 1932 at the Pergamon Museum.

4. Qasr Amra – Jordan


A desert castle, that was built between 723-743. These are foundations of the original castle. The dome-shaped ceilings and semi-circular arches are inspired by Islamic architecture.

5. The Alhambra – Granada, Spain


A palace that was constructed in 1338 has a series of domes semi-circular arches and minarets that depict Islamic influence in its architecture.

6. Church of Holy Sepulchre – Jerusalem

Church of the holy Sepulchre

Re-built in 630 by the Emperor Heraclius, this church has also been showing Islamic architecture from the dome and the numerous arched doorways that adorn the inside of the church.

7. Sebilj Fountain – Sarajevo, Bosnia


Constructed of wood, with domes and arches.

8. Alhambra Apartments – California, United States

Alhambra Apartments

The Islamic influence can be seen in the dramatic semi circular arches used for the windows and balcony.

9. Alhambra Theater – San Franciso, United States

Alhambra Theatre

Built in 1926, we can see throughout the interior the influence of Islamic architecture. It can be seen from the archways to the dome and the geometric designs that are on the facade of the dome and walls of the cinema.

10. Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba – Spain


The interior has stunning geometric designs on the ceilings and walls.

11. Fes – Morocco


This stunning gate is also known as the blue gate, and we can see the Islamic architecture influence from the looming archways and geometric motifs on the facade of the gate.

12. Marin County Civic Centre – California, United States

Marin county civic centre

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright we can see the Islamic influence in the dome and the minaret and if you look closely enough, you will notice the semi-circular arches.

Have you ever paid attention while traveling to see how much Islamic designs and architecture has influenced the building around the world? Take a moment to notice and see how wide spread Islam is.