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12 Struggles Only Naturally Skinny People Will Understand


There’s a big difference between attempting to lose weight via unhealthy diets & exercises and being naturally skinny. For some, it’s equally difficult to gain weight than to lose. No sort of calories or too many carbohydrates affect us. As much as chubby people; skinny people are bullied too. That’s right, and to prove it to you, here are twelve struggles all naturally thin people have faced/will face in their lifetime.

1. Strangers asking “Do you even eat?” or “Ammi abbu khana nahi dete”?

Strangers asking “Do you even eat?” or "Ammi abbu khana nahi dete"?
hahaviral / hahaviral.com

Yeah, my parents actually want to starve me to death.. I mean seriously?

2. When you can’t fit into adult clothing so you resort to shopping in the kids’ section..

When you can’t fit into adult clothing so you resort to shopping in the kids’ section..
the british girl / thebritishgirl.co.uk

The real struggle is finding clothes. You go to the adult section, find beautiful clothes but….. they don’t fit you.. and you run over to the kids section. MUSEEBAT!!!

3. Skinny legs make your feet look huge!

 Skinny legs make your feet look huge!
datehookup / datehookup.com

You can’t wear skinny jeans, leggings or tights. Your legs look like street lamps making your feet look like big foot’s! People call your legs ‘khamba’

4. No one believing when you say you love food.


I have to eat to live. Ever heard of high metabolism? “Insaan hoon akhir”

5. Being known as “the skinny one.”

 Being known as “the skinny one.”
giphy / giphy.com

Also dhaancha, hanger, laash, a toothpick, dandi? Are you kidding me?

6. Hearing “Where does it all go?” or “How does everything fit in there?”

gifsforgomez / gifsforgomez.tumblr.com

It’s called a stomach and it expands. “To kia ab khana bhi na khaoun?”

7. The arm grab

pinterest / pinterest.com

“So what if you can wrap two of your fingers around my entire wrist?! That means NOTHING.” Well, no bracelets or watches fit.

8. Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do..


After all the burgers, fries, ice cream, donuts, cakes etc we don’t gain a single pound! “Kuch bhi khaalo nahi lagta”…

9. You look like a child..

you look like a child...
rantchic / rantchic.com

Being 25, looking like a 16-year old..is NOT cool. But yeah, you’re actually at an advantage.. HA! Young forever! 😉

10. When you go out on a windy day..

daily edge / dailyedge.ie

You’ll have people say to you “chillarh rakh lena jaib me” or “pathar baandhlo apne ooper”.. But yeah you do question yourself before going out..

11. You always sit in the middle of the car or on someone’s lap..

You either sit in the middle of the car or on someone's lap..
instagramal / instagramal.com

Always means ALWAYS. You literally get squished! Can’t do anything about it. You’re the skinny one. Gotta deal with it.

12. You can’t wear jeans without belts.


you can't wear jeans without belts..
buzzfeed / buzzfeed.com

You can never wear jeans without belts. You’re afraid your pants might fall off. LOL!

But in the end..

eat the people!
pinterest / pinterest.com

To all the skinny men / women out there, stop worrying, eat whatever you want, and most importantly LOVE yourself! What matters is YOU, and nothing else <3