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12 Places To Have The Best Dessert In Karachi


How many times did you just want to have the BEST dessert to satisfy those unending sweet cravings and that hereditary sweet tooth? You even skip meals sometimes so you can indulge in the scrumptious of desserts without any guilt. And if you are in Karachi, there simply are too many choices of desserts you can have. Whether you are craving something desi or a mouthwatering slice of cake with lots of chocolate and caramel, topped with a generous scoop of ice cream, the city never disappoints your taste buds.

Here are 12 places to have the best dessert in Karachi.

1. Gola Ganda at Dhoraji


Street food Karachi/streetfoodkarachi.com

Since it’s summer time, the legendary gola ganda of Dhoraji claims the top spot, for good reason.

2. Kheer at Sony Sweet


Pankaj Bhadouria/pankajbhadouria.com

One bite from those kheer thalis and you will forget everything else. It’s so desi-ishly divine.

3. Faluda at Baloch Ice Cream


Pics Art/picsart.com

Oh, you will so fall in love with their Faluda. The divine combination of ice cream, dry fruits, jelly, and flavored – if you haven’t had it already, you have done nothing.

4. Cup Cakes at Pane N Amore



You don’t need to be at a birthday party to have the most amazing cupcakes. Pane N Amore bakes fresh batches of cupcakes with different selections every day so you are in for a surprise whenever you walk in.

5. Cheese Cake at Nando’s

New york cheesecake

Europeenne des desserts/europeenne-des-desserts.com

If there was no such thing as ‘guilt’, I would eat a whole pound of cheesecake from Nando’s. Though famous for its signature chocolate cake, its Cheese Cake will surprise you.

6. Ferrero Rocher Cake at Red Riding Hood

 Ferrero Rocher Cake

Let the baking begin blog/letthebakingbeginblog.com

Are you in love with Ferrero Rochers? This slice of heaven will take your love to the next level.

7. A scoop of deliciousness at Del Frio

scoop of deliciousness at Del Frio

What you are ordering: Belgian Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

8. Peshawari Ice Cream at Saddar


News Line Magazine/newslinemagazine.com

Since we are at ice creams, there is nothing that can beat the best of best Peshawari ice creams from Saddar.

9. Cookie at Bella Vita

cookie at Bella a vita

Pak Reviews/pakreviews.com

It’s not just any cookie, it’s a piece of heaven topped with ice cream.

10. Lava Cake at Café Flo

Lava Cake

Flora I Yeo/floraiyeo.com

If you are in the mood for some guilty indulgence, lava cake from Café Flo is what you need to eat.

11. Toffee Brownie at Pie In The Sky

Toffee Brownie Cake

Blog Hungry/bloghungry.typepad.com

The caramel + chocolate layer on a scrumptious piece of chocolate brownie is worth everything. And it’s surprisingly low-priced!

12. Ras Malai at Dil Pasand




Finally, to conclude with something desi, nothing can be better than having cool Ras Malai in summer.