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12 Nostalgic Images That Shows Pakistan’s Start Into The 21st Century


Pakistan’s entrance into the 21st century wasn’t as graceful as one would hope. It started off with yet another General who imposed military rule and was followed by a decade; that saw numerous hardships and sad losses for Pakistan.

Take a walk down memory lane with Shughal, as we look back at Pakistan when the 21st century began.

1. Military Rule established by General Pervez Musharaf

General Pervez Musharaf

2. Pakistan’s music icon – Noor Jahan dies

Noor Jahan Dies

3. After suspension of service Lahore to Dehli, bus service begins again


4. 2005 devasting earthquake hits Kashmir and KPK

Kashmir Earthquake 2005

5. Margalla Towers fall due to earthquake of 2005 in Islamabad

Margalla Towers

6. Nawaz Sharif returns to Pakistan after 7-year exile

Nawaz Sharif returns to Pakistan

7. Benazir Bhutto daughter of late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is assassinated in Rawalpindi

Benazir Bhutto

8. Asif Ali Zardari wins the elections and becomes President of Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari

9. Operation Rah-e-Rast begins – clearing of Swat Valley of Taliban

Operation rah e rast

10. Pakistan T20 wins Cricket World Cup in England – 2009

Pakistan win 2009 World cup

11. Flooding during the monsoon season resulted in over 1,600 deaths

Flooding 2010 during monsoon season

12. Airblue crash in the Margalla Hills in 2010

Airblue crash 2010

A decade that truly tested Pakistan and its people, yet as we all know there’s always a silver lining in dark storm clouds. How’s your trip down Pakistan’s memory lane been so far?

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