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12 Horrendous Makeup Fails


We all know the magic of makeup, it can take a plain face and turn into one that belongs to a model. That is if you know how to apply makeup.

makeup pro

But let’s be honest, not everyone is a pro at applying makeup. The chances of a horrendous disaster striking our faces is more likely to happen than turning us into a model.

Here are just a few of the makeup fails that girls face daily, ever had one of these?

1. When you try to get the fair tone and go for  a lighter foundation and end up looking like…

too much white foundation
Story Time With John

2. Trying different color combinations – They don’t always work out the way we planned

bad combinations
Lol wot

3. Applying makeup to make our eyes look bigger – hmm not sure if that worked out here

trying to make our eyes look bigger

4. When we apply too much blush and the pimples on our face stand out even more

using too much blush
Showbiz Pak

5. When we try to be a little too artistic with makeup

too artistic with makeup
IZI Funny

6. Trying for the china doll look – ain’t happening here

china doll look
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7. When you put makeup on without a mirror, chances are you might end up looking like this …

makeup without a mirror

8. We all know that one girl that refuses to stop using her old dried up mascara…

mascara fail

9. When we aim to get a natural look and it just doesn’t turn out the way we planned

natural look makeup

10. When we believe bright colors make us look better …

bright colors

11. When we can’t decide what colors to use and go with all of them… big no no

too many colors

12. When your younger sister or daughter show you just how they think you look with your makeup on…priceless

how you look with makeup on
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So how are your skills with makeup?