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12 Epic Parking Fails


Think back to a time you went shopping or were just driving along the road? Did you ever notice the parking fails on the road? Times when a person could try like twenty times to parallel park in a space where two cars could fit and still can’t get the car to fit. Or a driver who couldn’t get the car to fit between the yellow lines of a parking spot. The best of course is the fails that involving reverse, funny yet hazardous to the people around them.

We are sure you wouldn’t be surprised by some of these fails.

Have a look at some of the most epic parking fails.

1. When someone goes ‘reverse’ crazy

Gone reverse crazy
Joy Reactor


2. Worst kind of parallel parking – did they miss anything?

Worst kind of parallel parking

3. Those who rush to get that parking spot ….

Missing the parking spot

4. When you miss the parking spot completely

Missing the parking spot completely
College Humor

5. When the parking spot isn’t big enough

When the parking spot is just too small
College Humor

6. When the parking spot sends you directly inside the store

Going directly into the store
College Humor

7. Parallel parking was meant for this person…

Parallel parking wasn't meant for this person
College Humor

8. Learn to use the brakes….they really do help

learn to use the brakes
College Humor

9. Just can’t seem to get the right angle to park the car and you need someone’s elses help in the end

when you need help parking

10. Driving and parking is all about paying attention – that’s how you avoid running over things and people in this case.

truck driver not paying attention
Joy Reactor

11.┬áDeciding last minute to change parking spots … or simply not know how to use the brakes

car parking fail

12. Here’s a whole bunch of parking failures…we’re sure you’ve at least seen one of these

How many of these parking fails have you seen while driving? Have you ever been a part of a parking fail?

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