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12 Crazy Moments In a Cadet’s Life At PMA Kakul


It is said that “wars are fought by weapons but are won by men”. Men who have the spirit and nerve to go where others wouldn’t dare go, would probably turn and run from. PMA the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul is where you see boys become men. Men who will stand up and fight to protect the innocent. We have seen proof in the men they have turned out in our current COAS and those that preceded him and especially those that stand in the line of fire.

The experience of PMA is one of a kind one you will never find anywhere else. Where you are put through the toughest training that tests not just physical strength, but psychological and emotional as well.

Even with all this testing these amazing cadets who make it to the end can still look back and enjoy those amazing years at PMA.

Here at Shughal we would like to share a few of those crazy moments that cadets of PMA face.

Take a look.

1. Walking along PMA road to class in the middle of winter – watch out for the frostbite!

Morning walk to class

2. Anyone for an early morning shower?

Early morning shower

3. Ragra time at PMA – anyone need soap?

Ragra time at PMA

4. So buddy you come here often?

Working out
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5. Female Cadets of PMA in training – better watch out she’s got a gun and she knows how to use it!

Female Cadets
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6. Rigorous training of PMA – Better not slip

Better not slip

7. Rookies get the best beds of all

PMA training
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8. Passing out – Coveted Sword of Honor

Passing Out
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9. Passing out Parade – The end of PMA

Passing out parade
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10. PMA Kakul where boys become men!

Boys to mean

11. Lasting friendships – sometimes, stronger than blood

Lasting Friendships

12. Life at PMA Kakul first hand

So who’s signing up for 137 long course at Pakistan Military Academy?

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