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12 Bizarre Prisons You Wouldn’t Believe Existed


Pakistan is known for having very lax prisons where criminals continue their business from the inside, as they did while they were out of prison. Yet even with this, Pakistani prisons still look like – prisons, the steel bars, mattresses on the floor and concrete rooms. Around the world, we can find some prisons that don’t really resemble the concept of what a traditional prison looks like.

In no particular order here are some of the world’s most bizarre prisons.

1. Canto Grande Prison


This prison in Peru is also known as the “Shining Path” prison. The unique aspect of this prison – it’s run by the inmates, they follow their own schedule and create their own rules.

2. Her Majesty’s Prison Forest Bank

Her Majesty's Prison
Prison Officer

Located in Manchester, England this prison offers luxury meals with proper menus that have over a 100 dishes to choose from.

3. Pondok Bambu Prison

Arrest Records

A women’s prison, Jakarta, Indonesia. Offers bead making classes and karaoke nights. If you behave, you can even get your nails done at the on-site salon.

4. Squirrel Cage

Squirrel Cage Prison
Fly 4Free

It was located in Iowa (The United States). It closed down in 1969, but it’s unique revolving cells are still remembered as they were designed for “maximum security” with minimal supervision.

5. Otago Corrections Facility

Milton Hilton prison
Take Part

Nicknamed the “Milton Hilton”, this prison in Milton, New Zealand is more of a hotel than a prison. It offers rugby courts and heated floors in the winter.

6. San Pedro Prison

Suit Qais Diaries

A community prison concept in Bolivia. It has self-appointed leaders and entire families living inside.

7. Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center

Cebu Prison
Cebu Daily News

Became famous for its version of Michael Jackson’s Thrill. Over 1,500 inmates took part, but since 2005, the prison uses dance as a method of rehabilitation.

8.Halden Prison

Halden Prison
Design and Viloence

In Norway, this prison is considered the most humane prison. They provide an excellent library and fully furnished cells that look like dorm rooms!

9. Justice Center Leoben

Justice Center Leoben

Located in Styria, Austria. This prison is in a league of its own, more of a get away then a prison. They provide private bathrooms and adjoining kitchenettes. It is considered one of the most luxurious prisons in the world.

10. Aranjuez Prison

Aranjuez Prison
Chirk Up

A unique prison in Spain, that offers “Five-star cells”. These cells are designed for inmates that are parents and filled with toys where children actually live with their parents during their incarceration.

11. San Antonio Prison

San Antonio Prison
Fox News

You wanna party while in jail? Then, this is the one to go to. Located in Venezuela, this prison has BBQ pits, families, and overnight guests are allowed. With nightly dance parties and marijuana freely available. The best way to be incarcerated.

12. Fortezza Medicea Prison

Fortezza Medicea Prison
Imbuing Media

In Tuscany, Itlay, this prison is home to about 150 inmates. It is also the most exclusive restaurants in the country where the inmates prepare classical Italian dishes for customers. Dinner includes music also. Amazing.

So which prison would you consider going to?