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11 Types Of Unbelievable Food Furniture That Pakistanis Would Love


Pakistanis were born to eat, pray and love. We love outings and we love spending on food. Being the breathing mantra of Pakistanis, eating definitely tops the list. We literally live for food! To take it to a whole new level, we came across the most amazing food furniture. Yes, food furniture! Isn’t that amazing? Food, food everywhere!

1. Sushi bean bag

sushie bean bag
mashable / mashable.com

This sushi bean bag chair is adorable!

2. Cupcake stool

Cupcake stool
trend hunter static / cdn.trendhunterstatic.com

Just can’t have enough sugar in your life.. can you?

3. Cookie sandwich pillows

 Cookie sandwich pillows
mashable / mashable.com

Wouldn’t you just want to bite right into these?

4. Peanut butter and jelly pillows

 Peanut butter and jelly pillows
i share image / ishareimage.com

Can’t get any better than this! I mean PB&J pillows?? AWESOME!

5. Comfy bread chair

Comfy bread chair
wordpress / wordpress.tokyotimes.org

Yes please, with those PB&J pillows..

6. Yummy Cheeseburger bed

Yummy  Cheeseburger bed
indulgy / indulgy.com

I would like to hibernate in this! Super cool!

7. Cute egg chairs

Cute egg chairs
will foods / willfoods.com

Well to be honest, this does look a bit uncomfortable.. don’t you think so?

8. Pizza sleeping bag

Pizza sleeping bag
cute decision / cutedecision.com

Perfect for camping! Comes with your favorite cushion toppings! who doesn’t love pizza?

9. Burger cushions

Burger cushions
wordpress / sparkliness.files.wordpress.com

Simply perfect! When your guests arrive, just fix them a burger 😛

10. Pancake cushions with butter

Pancake cushions with butter
smoothfm / smoothfm.com.au

They look ridiculously comfortable!

11. Waffle bed with maple syrup sheets

Waffle bed with maple syrup sheets
etsy / etsy.com

If you prefer waffles over pancakes, well this is the one for you!

Which ones were your favorite and what would you like to add? 🙂