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11 Times Pakistani Students Took Parhayi Very Seriously


When exams are near, we all work really hard day and night to achieve the best grades.. But some people take studies to the next level..  Here are a few examples:

1. Ammi said I can have my friends over to study..

jokofy / pictures.jokofy.com

You can’t study with friends over.. It’s simple.

2. Sometimes it’s just easier to concentrate like this…

oddee / oddee.com

It’s nice to study out in the nature..

3. Abbu said to look after the buffaloes and study..

oddee / oddee.com

Kaam bhi , aur parhayi bhi..

4. When you have your paper tomorrow, and you didn’t study..

oddee / oddee.com

You know you’re in hell when you haven’t studied…

5. Just when you hear…..

oddee / oddee.com

No excuses will work…

6. When you’re really sleepy…

oddee / oddee.com

Feeling sleepy is the most common condition during exams.

7. Being distracted while studying is really frustrating…

oddee / oddee.com

Ammi ka cheekhna? Sibling fights? Time to go to your hidden spot..

8. When you show the world you can study like a boss…

oddee / oddee.com

Can’t wait to get home!!!!!

9. Eating and studying? YES!!

apsu / apbrwww5.apsu.edu

And you gobble down all the gummies at once…

10. Load shedding is no excuse…

funnfun / funnfun.in

Aik load shedding ka bahana tha..ab wo bhi nahi 🙁

11. Because having friends over to study is the coolest thing ever..

funnnfun / funnfun.in

And they all failed.. together.. 😀