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11 Strangest Wonders of Nature Or Is It Aliens?


Some of the world’s natural wonders are hard to believe, and legends are always there to help give them flare. From Norse God’s to aliens, these theories are just the beginning. Nature has a way of playing with the human mind. Here are some of nature’s  most wondrous creations that keep us guessing, are the scientists right or is there more to it than we know.

Take a look at the strangest wonders of nature.

1. Marble Caves – Chile

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Thousands of years of water erosion created the marble effects, which are further enhanced by the blue and green water’s reflection of Lake Carrera

2. Asbyrgi Canyon – Iceland

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Legend says that the Norse god’s horse left his footprint behind. The reality that two glacial periods of flooding carved out the canyon, or at least that’s what geologists says.

3. Moeraki Boulders – New Zealand

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Dinosaur eggs? Giants toys? Or some prehistoric animal that is about to hatch? None of the above. These egg shaped rocks are just that, rocks that were formed over 50 million years ago and now due to the erosion of the sands they are “popping up” on the beach

4. The Eye of the Sahara – Mauritania

Eye of Sahara

Marked by aliens? Nope. Seen from space the eye looks like a target has been painted on earth, by some alien race. In reality, it is the result of winds eroding the layers of sediment and other rocks and sand at different depths.

5. Blood Falls – Antarctica

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Found in 1911, it was believed that algae colored the water a dark red, that came through a crack in a glacier. Turns out that the pool that feeds the crack, located 1,300 feet below has high iron levels that cause the water to come out looking red. Not the best-looking waterfall.

6. The Cave of Crystals – Mexico

Cave of Crystals
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Superman’s home? No, these crystals are formed because of the volcanically heated water below. The temperature can reach 150 degrees with a 100% humidity. Maybe it is Superman’s secret hideout!

7. The Wave – Utah and Arizona (USA)

The Wave
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The result of winds and rain. Truly amazing.

8. Waitomo Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworms

Turning the dark caves into a night full of stars. The glowworms that live in these caves are a quarter inch and radiate blue. Spellbinding.

9. Underwater Sinkhole – off the coast of Belize

Underwater Sinkhole

Or is an alien marker?

10. The Reed Flute Cave’s – China

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Walk into the disco land that was created over 180 million years ago. The cave is full of multicolored lights caused by the limestone in the cave. Truly amazing?

11. Underwater Kelp Forest – Around the world

Underwater Kelp Forest
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An algae that has been growing over centuries, with schools of fish and beauty that is utterly breathtaking. The best Kelp forests are found off the coasts of Baja, San Diego, Malibu and the Channel Islands, and these are just a few of the places.

Did you even know nature was so creative and artistic? Simply mindblowing!