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11 Strangely Amazing Products That Can Be Useful


Have you ever looked at a fork and thought it could be more? Or have you ever wanted just a little bit of extra help in cleaning around the house? Well, guess what? So have others and they came up with some really interesting products. Some maybe more useful than others, we’ll let you decide which are which.

Here are some of the strangest inventions that can be found that sometimes prove to be extremely useful, and in some cases not so helpful.

Here’s a look at some of those products.

1. The Pizza cutter fork, eating pizza just got easy!

Pizza cutter fork
Image Shack

2. Ladies, you will never be late now – dry your hair on the go with the foot-powered hair dryer.

Foot Hair Dryer

3. Greet your guest before you even open the door – okay, we know it’s a little freaky

Door handle

4. Make eating noodles easy – with these convenient noodle chopsticks.

Easy noodle chopsticks
Curious Photos Blogspot

5. The best way to take the pizza off the tray, no more long cheese strings.

Pizza tray
Curious Photos Blogspot

6. Now never have issues in the rain, especially during the monsoon season… text all you want

Text in the rain
Strange Farmer

7. For those kids that love to ride on Daddy’s back. It is the ideal gift

Daddy Saddle
Cah Tumblr

8. Get the baby to help clean the house, with the new baby mop suit

Baby mop suit

9. Like taking walks in the rain with your significant other? Then try the couples umbrella

Couples umbrella
Curious Photos Blogspot

10. Might not be the ideal suitcase to travel with but does make for some entertainment

Weapon suitcases
Curious Photos Blogspot

11. Driver-side laptop tray – Okay it might not be the most practical of products….

Driver Side Laptop Tray

Can you think of any other strange products that are useful or just a waste of an invention? Which of these strange fantastic products would you try out first? We know you want! Let us know which ones.

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