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11 Sinful Delights For The Chocoholic In You – If You’re Game


Do you love chocolate? Could you eat chocolate any time of the day? If you could and your mom let you get away with it, would chocolate be the complete meal for you? Would you still eat chocolate no matter what it covered?

A true chocoholic might just give these a try. Have a look and see if you truly love chocolate enough to try these chocolate covered dishes out.

Let’s see if you could still handle chocolate if it was covering these strange things:

1. Be the next scorpion King. Take a bite out of these chocolate covered scorpions, just don’t let it sting you on the way down

chocolate covered scorpions

2. You might want to buy a huge pack of breath mints when you try one of this chocolate covered onions..

Munchy Seeds

3. Make your spices more umm.. interesting – try chocolate covered spices

spices covered in chocolate
Dreams Time

4. Want to try sushi but the seaweed turns you off? Try chocolate covered seaweed

chocolate covered seaweed
Taga Ba Colod

5. Like eating fish, try chocolate covered fish oh so scally

chocolate covered fish
College humor

6. Want some crunchy chocolate? Then try some chocolate covered bugs – yummy might not be the right word..

chocolate covered bugs

7. Looking for a new potato chip flavour? Try chocolate chips – salty and sweet all at the same time

chocolate covered chips
Chef Mommy-Brandao/blogspot.com

8. They say garlic is the best way to control your weight, that’s why chocolate covered garlic is the future. Eat your chocolate and never gain weight 🙂

chocolate covered garlic
Cupcake Project

9. Don’t like eating your vegetables? Make life easy – just cover them in chocolate.

Make It-Love It

10. Not a fan of bananas? Try these frozen bananas on a stick, have the rainbow sprinkle one, looks really yummy

The Cooking Mom

11. Can’t decide if you want something spicy or sweet? Try jalapenos covered in chocolate..sure to send your taste buds into overload

Wow amazing

Do you love chocolate that much that you could try these?