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11 School Photos That Will Leave You In Tears Of Laughter


Everyone wants to look perfect for their yearbook pictures. But, some unique individuals don’t care about the looks, and go with the flow. It’s just for school right? Who’s going to know anyway?

1. When you have your hair bothering you at the wrong time..

ididafunny / ididafunny.com

Be sure to pin your hair up next time. You certainly don’t want a picture like this…

2. When you don’t know where to put your candy wrappers..

blogspot / willywonkapict.blogspot.com

How about some colorful scruncheies next time? That’d be sweet and cute at the same time..

3. When you think you have the coolest hairstyle..

epicgasm / epicgasm.com

But, such over-confidence is really not nice at times…

4. Umm… hello??

pinterest / pinterest.com

Let’s try one during a photoshoot…..

5.  When the photographer asks you not to blink your eye…

thechive / thechive.com

Because some people are always sleeping in the pictures..

6. When you think you can wear a medevil costume to school…

the chive / thechive.com

I hope things don’t get messy, guy seems pretty serious…

7. When you feel lonely without your stuff toys and you bring them to school..

winecellarcobwebs / winecellarcobwebs.com

Bae just can’t live without you right???

8. When your crush passes by..

teamjimmyjoe / teamjimmyjoe.com

And at that second, the photographer clicks a photo!

9. When you’ve had a long night and are about to doze off..

blogspot / freealbumlagu.blogspot.com

Not sleeping, BAD IDEA!

10. When you feel cold and the heating system isn’t working..

teamjimmyjoe / teamjimmyjoe.com

I don’t need a jacket, I’ve got my hair..

11. And sometimes you’re just not ready..

flipvine / flipvibe.com

You’re never satisfied with the result…