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11 Reasons Why Pakistanis Are One Of A Kind


You know, everyone is just diverse in their own particular way. However, Pakistanis have their own way of life. They’re full of sarcasm, taunts, humor and so forth (not in a bad way though) 😛

Have a look at some of the reason that sets us apart from the rest:

1. If you ever want to light a fire somewhere, just call your relative to do so.. They will not hesitate at all!

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2.Don’t we all love that beautiful, aromatic biryani, however we forget to go easy on it and spend the rest of the night in the loo.. oops..

3. The most sh*tty thing at a wedding would definitely be when the cameraman captures you while stuffing your mouth.. “excuse me? aap bhi kha lo bhai?”

4. Finding a bottle of Pepsi can really be a struggle at times… Imagine a dulha not getting a bottle? Beechara…

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5. YES!!! Ladies! We have found a solution for your Africa k map wali rotiyaan! 😛 Show them who’s boss..

6. Jhoot moot ka pyar acha nahi lagta, kaam ki baat karo..”aj karde bhai, kal mai kar lunga, kasam se..”

7. Ever had your heart torn apart? Nothing can be more devastating than NOT finding ice cream in the place where it belongs! Ouch.. it hurts.

8. This you can’t disagree with. You know, we all know. This is how we travel.”Khandaan walau bhi toh baaten banayenge phir..”

9. It’s simple guys. No love marriage. Shaadi hogi toh sirf arranged. Khwaab dekhna bandh karo. Snap out of it.

10. The diagnostics of every disease. NAZAR. “Bring on the mirchen, and let’s kill the rest of the family with its awful smell.. ” tauba tauba.

11. Okay, so calm down. We have days when we don’t get homework. “Zara si khushi bardaasht nahi hai aaplogon ko?”

Do ya’ll agree with the above? We’re different yet, still awesome. You know it, we know it.