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11 Mesmerizing Images Of Dir Capturing Its Beauty


Once princely states located in the Northern Pakistan now they are known as Upper and Lower Dir, both beautiful and breathtaking. Full of lush green valleys and hills that will simply make your eyes ‘pop’ as you witness their beauty.

Shughal would like to share the beauty of Dir with you. Take a look at the astounding beauty of Dir.

1. Picturesque hill station at Jahaz Banda

Hill station at Jahaz Banda

2. Beautiful Katora Lake in Upper Dir

Katora Lake

3. Serene valley of Jahaz Banda meadows – breathtaking

Serene meadows of Jahaz Banda
Native Pakistan

4. View of Dir Town from the mountain tops – amazing

Dir town
Native Pakistan

5. Snow covered town of Dir – marvelous

Dir in winter

6. Glorious village of Bagam in upper Dir

village of Bagam in upper Dir

7. Sensational beauty of Kumrat Valley in Dir

kumrat valley
Pakistan Highlands

8. Stunning Panjkora Valley in Lower Dir

panjokra Valley
Forum Xcitefun

9. Lush green Maidan Valley in Lower Dir


10. The dazzling Panjkora river in Lower Dir

Panjkora river

11. Magnificent Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Banda

Isn’t Dir mesmerising? Isn’t it time to take that long-awaited trip up North and experience the beauty that is Dir?

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