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11 Magical Images Of The Village Altit In Hunza


A land existing since time began, Altit village is one of the oldest villages in the Hunza valley. The village is also well known for its Altit fort, built on a sheer cliff that rises 1000 feet above the ground and strategically located. At one time, this village was the capital of the Hunza Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at the magical Hunza Kingdom.

1. Aerial View of Altit village and Fort

Aerial view of Altit village and fort

2. The beauty of living in Altit village

The beauty of living in Altit village

3. The beauty of Altit Village Fort

Altit village and its beautiful fort

4. Incredible view from Altit Fort

view from Altit fort

5. Beautiful cherry blossoms in Altit Village

Blossoms in Altit village

6. Altit Fort sheer drop off – Fort overlooking the village

Altit Fort sheer face drop off

7. Altit Village carpenters working in their woodshop

Carpenters in woodshop

8. Magnificent summer season in Altit Village

Magnificent summer season in Altit Village

9. Close up of Altit Fort

Close up of Altit Fort

10. Sensational fields of cherry blossom surround the village.

Fields around the village covered in beauitful cherry blossoms

11. Altit Forts height, a 1000 foot drop to the water valley below

Altit Forts height

Have you ever seen such a magical place full of such stark differences, beauty and history? Altit village its a world of its own.

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