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11 Google Tricks and Tips You Might Not Have Known About


You would be amazed at what the google search function can do? These are the “lesser known Google tips and hacks” that are known about. Today, we at Shughal will let you in on these lesser known aspects of google tricks.

Here’s our list of Google Tricks. Give them a try and see what happens! Have fun 🙂

1. Language translations made easy, just type in translate the word to what language and you are done. For example: translate happy to urdu

Google Translate
Google Translate/google.com

2. Have a picture you want to know a source for then Google can do it, search by Image it’s as simple as that

Google Image Search

3. Listen to your favourite music on your search page, Google can do that for you hassle free


4. Search for “do a barrel roll”, and the page will spin, does your screen spin?


5. Search for “zerg rush”, your page will become covere in ‘O’s, just click each ‘O’ three times to end it. Take your time.


6. Google can set your hompage up in over 150 different languages, including Klingon, it does exist!


7. See what happens when you type “Google” backwards

google backwards

8. In the Google search box type in “Google Loco”  and click on “I’m feeling lucky” and see what happens!

Google Loco

9. Search “funnygoogle” click on the first result. You are taken to a new page where you can now personalize your homepage with your own name. Amazing huh?

Change Homepage name

10. Go back to Google 1998 and feel young again.

Google 1998

11. In Google Images do a search for “Atari Breakout” and take a moment to relax

Atari Breakout Google

If there’s any Google tricks we’ve missed be sure to tell us about them? Did you try them all?

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