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11 Glorious Images Of Sangni Fort: A Vestige Of The Mughal Era In Potohar


Sangni Fort is located in Gujar Khan on the Potohar plateau as a testament to the Mughal Era. The fort was built by the Mughal Emperors as a place to house prisoners. It was later taken over by the Dogras of Kashmir and then by the Sikhs. It is found between Punjab and Kashmir on a hilltop, overlooking the vast land that surrounds it.

Unlike other forts, Sangni Fort has weathered time well. It stills stands strong today with little damage. The fort is now home to the remains of Sahibzada Abdul Hakim, a saint who used to pray on that very hilltop and initially traveled from Iran to spread the word of Islam.

Here are some of the sensational pictures that capture the beauty of Sangni Fort:

1. The main gate of the tremendous fort

The front gate

2. The picturesque fort on a hilltop

On the hilltop

3. A look at the beautiful fort’s courtyard


4.  Inside the watch tower

watch tower

5. Tower of Sangni that has stood the test of time

tower sangni

6. A view of the fort from outside – ideally located

ideally located

7. Spring that provides water to the fort to this day

outside view

8. The shimmering white dome of Sahibzada Abdul Hakim’s shrine can be seen over the walls

dome of the shrine

9. Enter the fort and see the beauty within

Shaibzada Abdul Hakim shrine

10. A close up view of Sanibzada Abdul Hakim’s shrine – truly beautiful

close up of shrine

11. A view of the Bastions of the fort from outside


A piece of history that still stands with hundreds of stories to tell. This fort offers us a view into the past. It is truly remarkable.