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12 Confessions of True Biryani Lovers


Who doesn’t love Biryani? Coming home to a delicious aroma of biryani is the best thing that can happen to you today.

Here are the 11 sinful confessions of true Biryani lovers in Pakistan.

Disclaimer: This post could make you hungry so make sure you call your mom to cook the best biryani for you!

1. We like our Biryani really spicy…


A biryani that doesn’t have enough spices and is too bland will completely spoil our day. And the only way we can get over it is by having another biryani that tastes the way we like it: SPICY!

2. Which explains why we get a runny nose and teary eyes when eating it


We always keep a few tissues at hand to wipe away tears and blow the nose.

3. Which also explains the acid reflux we suffer later



We know pretty well the consequences of eating something sooo spicy and yet, we can’t stop. We prefer having an antacid than not eating the masalay walay chawal.

4. Eating biryani without raita and salad is like eating French fries without ketchup


Raita and salad is a must when we are eating Biryani. The raita balances the hotness of the dish and enhances the flavor too.

5. Potatoes are a must in our Biryani!


The worst kind of thing that can ever happen is when we realize there are no potatoes in the Biryani or even worse, they have all been eaten by your siblings.

6. One plate of Biryani never satisfies us…


When you know there is Biryani for lunch, you skip breakfast because you know you are going to eat double or even triple servings. A single serving never satisfies you.

7. And we eat Biryani like there is no tomorrow…

Marianiech India/marianiechindia.wordpress.com

Please don’t disturb us when we are at the Biryani. It needs our full concentration. And don’t stare at us when we are gorging on it.

8. Which is the reason why we say no to dessert after having Biryani



Seriously, there is no room for anything else. We are so stuffed, we can’t even breathe.


9. We like to try different Biryanis at different places



Tell us an amazing biryani place has opened in the outskirts of the city and we will instantly add it in our plans for the weekend.

10. But still nothing compares to our mom’s biryani cooked at home…


The best biryani is what we get in our home. All those restaurants and even the Biryani served at weddings are a disappointment.

11. We often dig our bare hands in the Biryani pot and eat a few bites when no one is looking


Bollywood Shaadis/bollywoodshaadis.com

First we look around to make sure no one is watching us and then very carefully dig our hands in the Biryani pateela, take a few bites, clean the mess and pretend we did nothing.

12. We can eat Biryani three times a day: at breakfast, lunch and dinner – and don’t forget those few bites directly from the pateela


Only if our moms wouldn’t stare at us like we are doing an unforgivable sin, we would eat Biryani for Breakfast too.

Do you have any other confession to make? Comment and share.