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11 Beautiful Pictures That Depict Why Kashmir Is Compared to Heaven


They say ‘if Heaven existed on Earth, that would be in Kashmir.’

Nothing can truly beat the beauty that exists in Kashmir, and fortunately, part of the region belongs to Pakistan. Some like to call it a paradise on Earth, while others call it a magical, mystifying land. Once you set your eyes upon this valley, it’s hard to look away, and here’s why:

1. This beautiful view capturing Neelum Valley’s enchanting beauty

Neelam Valley
Ajktourism / Ajktourism.com

2. This mysterious beauty that looks like it’s a scene from Game of Thrones

Mysterious Lake in Game of Thrones?
xcite / xcite.forum.net

3. These snow-capped formidable mountains we read about in fairy-tales

Formidable mountains
Summitpost / Summitpost.org

4. This picturesque meadow with small cottages that exude a feeling of mini-Switzerland we see in movies

Neelum Valley or Mini Switzerland?
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

5. Hauntingly beautiful road, leading towards a blissful silence

Visitpak / Visitpak.com

6. This crystal-clear ‘Chitha Khata’ lake that leaves you breathless the first time you lay your eyes upon it

Chita Khatha Lake in Shounter
Flickr / Flickr.com

7. This mystifying little cottage with white little clouds hovering around it

Mystifying little cottage
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

8. This jaw dropping aerial photograph of the valley that looks like a painting. Do you want to dip your feet in this cold running fresh river?

Toobat Neelum Valley
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

9. Through the view of flowers, gazing at a valley so beautiful that your eyes won’t be able to look away

Through the flowers
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

10. The colors are simply heavenly

Neelum Valley cottages
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

11. And, this enchanting river passing along those winding paths of a magical land you call Kashmir

River streaming through the valley
Worldoftravel / Worldoftravel.com

So, when are you going to visit the heavenly land of Kashmir?