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11 Awesome ‘Halal’ Breakup Lines To Call Off A Relationship


Are you stuck in a situation in your relationship, where you just don’t know what do to? Confused about your future? Your fights are heated, and nothing is going as planned? Which also makes you do horrible, crappy things that make you want to cringe and slap yourself over the head? And, you will feel so awful that you will want to take action to try and “fix” them, but you can’t? Well, it’s time to call it QUITS!

Check out these awesone tweets and memes we’ve come across and have a fit of laughter! 😀 It’s time to do it the halal way!

1.  Is there any better get-out-of-jail card? I think not. Impossible to argue with.

#Istikhara# #MuslimBreakUpLines# Strong :p #HijabyProblems# :p

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2. When your ‘bae’ turns way too religious, and the only way out, is to quit..


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3. Yeah, parents CAN make things difficult.. really difficult. Let’s not be awkward and make the right excuse!

When breaking up with a Muslim, beware of their dad. #MuslimBreakupLines

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4. What? You never believed in a love triangle?! Helloooo??  You don’t know what love is..

5. When a sister burns a brother with halal sass!

Sekkle yourself ✌ #CreatorOverCreation #HalalBanter #MuslimBreakUpLines #HalalHumourLikes #Islam #DeenOverDunya

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6. Sometimes you gotta be straight-up with your feels. ‘Nice knowing you’..


7. Whatever happens, happens for good.. Time to get back to your Salaahs..

8. When you have second thoughts during a relationship. What was I thinking?!

oie_wdoZaxOUNHs2 (1)

9. When Ahmed changes to Souraya, but still sounds like Ahmed.. Kisko ullu bana rahe ho?

10. When you realize that Iblees was right there, in front you, the whole time..


11. When your habibi is way too possessive.. Gotta take care girlll…

Have you used one of these breakup lines? Have you had someone use one on you? Do you think they’re valid reasons or are they weak excuses? Let us know!