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11 Animals That Can Predict Earthquakes And Tsunamis


Some animals have a sixth sense about danger. According to anecdotal evidence, certain animals have the capability to sense and predict natural disasters.

Many animals and insects are sensitive to infrasonic sound waves, minute vibrations and low frequency rumblings caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, lightning, meteors, and iceberg calving. Not only that, they can also sense the change in pressure and moisture in the atmosphere.

Here are the 10 animals that can predict natural disasters.

1. Flamingos

1. Flamingos

In December 2004, when Tsunami hit the Sri Lankan and Indian coastlines, it killed more than 150,000 people in many countries. It was observed that the flamingos at the wildlife sanctuary abandoned their low-lying homes and moved to the higher ground before the tsunami hit.

2. Snakes


According to scientific research, the inconsistent behavior of snakes prove that they can sense earthquakes days before they happen from 120 km away. Despite the cold weather, they tend to move out of their nests and bang their heads on the wall to escape.

3. Bats


Bats hear and use ultrasonic sounds to locate their prey which is why they are able to sense earthquakes. In 2004, all the bats fled the area way before the tsunami hit.

4. Bees


Whenever it is about to rain, bees take shelter in their hives hours before the downpour. They can sense the change in moisture in the air.

5. Cats


Many pet owners have noticed that before any weather change or natural disasters, cats become restless and begin to act very strange.

6. Underground Animals


Underground animals like rats, weasels and insects emerge from the ground and flee before the earthquake. It was recorded by a Roman historian, Aeliann, in 372 B.C., that about 5 days prior to the earthquake that destroyed Helike, a city at the coast of the Corinthian Gulf, several underground animals fled the scene.

7. Cows


Cows become disturbed and erratic before any natural disaster. In Japan, about a week before the magnitude 9 earthquake occurred, the milk production of cows was greatly reduced.

8. Elephants


Elephants are known to cry and panic before earthquakes. They can hear infrasonic sounds, that are inaudible to humans, due to which they can hear the earthquake coming.

9. Dogs


Dogs appear restless and run away from the scene before any natural disaster. Moreover, in 2004 tsunami, many dog owners claimed that their pets refused to go to the beach the day tsunami hit.

10. Horses


Usually calm and quiet, horses become highly turbulent and unmanageable. They neigh, stomp and roll around on the ground in fear before earthquakes and storms.

11. Sharks


During the development of strong storms and tsunamis, many species of sharks go toward the area of rapid temperature changes. Neil Hammerschlag, a researcher at the University of Miami, said that shark movements can help us in predicting the occurrence of storms.

Do you think that animals can almost see the future?

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