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10 Undeniable Reasons Why Islamabad Is The City To Live In


Ever thought of leaving Pakistan to go live in an upscale city that provides not only a safe living environment, but clean roads where people drive in their lanes? Let’s not forget having gorgeous parks where you can go to on the weekends or for a run during the weekdays.

We always seem to look outside of Pakistan for the ideal city that provides glamour and ambience were we want to live and raise a family. For those looking for just that kind of city, we found one for you right here in Pakistan. Surprised? Don’t be.

Let the seduction of Islamabad begin, just to make it easier, we offer you a comparison:

1. Dazzling night lights of Islamabad

Most Amazing Wonders and Native Pakistan

2. The smooth as silk Islamabad Highway

Ankara and Islamabad Highway
Image Shack and Zameen

3. The sensational beauty of Faisal Mosque at night

Blue Mosque and Faisal Mosque at night
Awesome Inventions and Rent a Car Islamabad

4. Mesmerizing view of Rawal Dam

Goksu Park and rawal dam
Famous Place Finder and Native Pakistan

5. A bird’s eye view of Islamabad the magnificent

Aerial view of both cities
Hik East and Feed

6. Beautiful lush green Japanese Park in Islamabad

beautiful parks
Isainter n Abroad Fun Thrill

7. Grandeur of Serena Hotel

Luxury hotels in ankara and islamabad
Booking and Rana Tausif/facebook.com

8. The magnetic feel of a beautiful shopping mall – Centaurus

shopping malls time to go crazy
Racha-Rizk.Hooxs and Forum.Xcite Fun

9. The stunning Margalla Hills

Hills of beauty
Simply Sevan and Tribune

10. Nothing compares to the lush green trees that cover the Margalla hills and the views from Monal – simply breathtaking

view from monal
Dubi Maza

There is no reason to leave such a beautiful place like Islamabad, where you have everything you want, all in one city. No city around the world can match the beauty and atmosphere that is Islamabad. Wouldn’t you agree?