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10 Times A Quiet House Was A Mother’s Nightmare


Being a Mom is a pretty tough job, not only are you the caregiver for these little people that can come underfoot, but you are also the mediator, teacher, counsellor, doctor, and clean up crew. These are just a few of the titles a Mom holds.

Having said that, you probably know from first-hand experience that a mom is a tough lady and isn’t prone to having nightmares or horror stories. Well, that is until she gets five minutes of peace and quiet in a house that has kids.

Here are just a few of the nightmares Moms deal with in a quiet house 🙂

1. When you realize that your daughters are too quiet while coloring – why color a paper when you have sister to color 🙂

coloring a sibling
The Parent Bible

 2. When you re able to redecorate and no one is screaming ‘MOMMY’ means it’s time to check – yup, siblings try to squish each other is something you might find

squishing sibling
Rant Life Style

3. They said they wanted to help mom feed the cats

helping feed the animals
Yap La Kal

4. When you have twins and it is quiet and then one goes missing – it’s time to panic

twins in trouble
York Love

5. Just a five-minute conversation with no interruptions can lead to this

five min conversation

6. When there’s a bottle of shampoo left with kids in a bath – everything gets cleaned

shampoo left unattended
Rant Life Style

7. She wanted to see how much went into the toilet – even tried seeing if mommy’s phone went

toilet testing
Rant Life Style

8. Never leave your paints unattended – they might exhaust your child out

never leave paint unattended

9. They couldn’t find any paper

couldnt' find any paper

10. So, mom you’re saying you don’t play with flour??

no playing with flour really

We salute the resilience and never-ending patience and love that Moms around the world have. Thanks Mom.