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10 Stunning Historical Places In UAE That Are a Must See


A land of sand and heat, that’s what most would describe when asked about the United Arab Emirates, but is so much more. With a reach history that it shares with the world through the forts and historical sites that they have preserved.

Have a look at some of the amazing historical places in the UAE.

1. Al – Bidyah Mosque – The oldest mosque in the UAE, located in Fujairah


2. Al-Fahidi Fort – Now Dubai Museum, the Fort was built in 1787


3. Bastakia Quarter – Last remains of Old Dubai, this was established at the end of the 19th century

Bastakia Quarter UAE

4. Heritage Village – reconstructed to depict life before oil in the UAE

Heritage Village

4. Heritage House – wealthy pearl merchant’s residence – made out of gypsum and coral built in 1890

Heritage house

5. Dibba village – known for its relics and tombs that date back to the 7th century

Dibba village

6. Al – Bithnah Fort – was built in 1735 and was considered the most important fort in the eastern part of the UAE


7. Fujairah Fort – built in 1670 it is considered the oldest fort in the UAE

Fujairah  Fort UAE

8. Al-Jahili Fort – built in 1891 to protect precious palm groves and the city of Al-nin

Al jahili fort

9. Al Maqtaa Fort – 200 years old it was used as a watchtower against invaders

al matqa fort

10. Qasr al-Hosn Fort – built in 1761 – it was initially used as a watchtower to protect the only fresh water source in Abu Dhabi

Qasr al-Hosn Fort

11. Ras Al Khaimah – believed to have been built during the Ubaid Period, 5,000 -3,800 BC

Ras Al Khaimah

12. Jazirat al Hamra – Ghost town located near Ras Al Khaimah believed to be haunted – it was from the 14th century to the 1930s when the pearl industry died out

Ghost town

With so much history already and more that is uncovered as it grows, don’t you think its time to take a trip to the UAE?

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