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10 Signs Your Kids Have The Best Grandparents Ever


They spoil them, they feed them like they have never eaten before, and above all, they babysit them. Of course, they are the best grandparents. And your kids love them, no doubt.

Here are 10 signs your kids have the best grandparents ever.

1. Every time they meet their grandchildren, they say “Oh, you have become so weak!”

you've become so weak
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Every time they meet, they always say, ‘don’t you eat properly? Why are you becoming so weak?’

2. A Slight Body Temperature Will Get This Reaction:

slight body temperautre
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3. They know how to spoil your kids

spoiling grandkids
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Who buys you all those luxurious gifts? Grandparents, of course!

4. Your kids threaten you several times a day about “calling grandma”

grandma, you gotta come get me!
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Beware, a call to grandma can be the most terrifying thing ever. Worse than a CIA arrest!

5. Your kids can do anything they want at grandma’s house, which means…

can do anything at grandma's house
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Sprinkling talcum powder on the floor and skating on it? Taking all the pillows from the house and making a house with it? Or emptying the Nutella jar? It only happens at grandma’s house. But there is one rule:

stays at grandma's
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6. Your kids test their patience to the extreme and they never budge

be a grandfather they said.
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They can splatter their face with makeup and they will sit still and surrender themselves.

7. Your kids just have to say “I want to eat something” and then…

when grandma overhears
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If your child says “I want to eat cookies”, grandma hears it as “I am malnourished, really hungry and haven’t eaten since morning”. So, the reaction can be pretty severe.

8. And there is no “I am full” in your grandma’s dictionary

grandma's dictionary
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9. They are the best babysitters

best babysitters
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10. They are all hugs and kisses

hugs and kisses

And your kids are just lucky to have them.

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Tell your parents they are the best grandparents in the world.