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10 Sensational Reasons Why Women Should Rule The World


Since history has been recorded we have seen that men ruled the world. Their hunger for more land and wealth led to wars and utter destruction. Now on the occasion that some women took over things were a little nicer. They run their domains, their homes, with precision and grace. So why not the world?

Here are a few reasons why women should rule the world. We know you secertly agree. 🙂

1. They can Multi-task – bring it on – no task is too big

Multi tasking

2. Fiercely loyal and protective – they will take anything on – the bigger they are the harder they fall

Protective female

3. Parking spots would be bigger – easier to park cars and get in and out with all the shopping bags

bigger parking spots

4. More empathic than a man – would tell you daily how important you are

More empathic than a man

5. Women are smarter – the guy is holding a chainsaw – the picture says it all, no need to further explain

chainsaw guy

6. They know how keep things clean – no enviornmental messes


7. They know how to feed a family; they will be able to feed the world – no one would go hungry

No one would go hungry
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8. A car’s glove compartment would be put to better use

glove compartment
VU Students

9. The world would be a prettier place – no more dirty petrol stations – doesn’t it look amazing 🙂

Petrol STations would be clean
Bada Bing BAda Bam Bada Boom/wordpress.com

10. No wars – just lots of ‘not speaking to you nations’ – all around a good solution

no wars if women ruled

Don’t you think its time to give the professionals a try at running the world?