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10 Images That Show The Golden Era of Pakistan: 1980s


The Golden Era of Pakistan, the 1980s were a decade that brought out the best in Pakistani music. It was also said to be the decade that brought about revolutionary changes, not just political but in every day life. Fashion and music both saw that change. The Pakistani people were tired of the oppression of a dictatorship. Military rule ended in 1985 and elections were held. It was the decade that saw the first woman Prime Minister in Pakistan, a charismatic woman that changed how Pakistan would be considered in the future. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s daughter.

A decade where squash and hockey stood out and brought pride to the country in their achievements. A decade when the South Asian countries began seeing Pakistan as a contender and the SAF games came to Pakistan.

The 1980s were a turning point for Pakistan, a landmark decade that brought out Pakistani fashion and identity. No, longer did people of the world confuse Pakistan with India. Pakistan was its own nation, and they wanted the world to know and they did.

Have a look at this incredible decade with us.

1. The Professional Model was born in Pakistan

Fashion Models of Paksitan 1980s

2. Pakistan Hockey teams win 1982 world cup

Hockey cup 1982

3. Jahangir Khan won open Squash Championships in 1982

Jahangir khan British Open
Think Twice Pakistan

4. First Nuclear ‘cold testing’ is conducted in 1983 – Kirana-I

Kirana Hills

5. Jan Sher Khan takes the cup at the World Open Squash Championships -1987

Jan Sher
The Other Side

6. General Zia-ul-Haq is killed in a plane crash 1988


7. The first woman Prime Minister – Benazir Bhutto is sworn in on December 2, 1988


8. SAF Games take place in Islamabad

saf games winners

9. Those that brought music and dance to Pakistan Nazia and Zohaib Hassan

10. The original ‘Pop Star’ of Pakistan Hasan Jahangir

This was only the beginning of the change in Pakistan, wait until you see the talent that flourished in the 1990s.

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