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10 Images Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki: 70 years after the Atomic Bomb Then And Now


It was 70 years ago that the first atomic bomb was created and dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. The lasting effects are still felt by the residents and their descendants. Yet, both places have survived and are now trying to make a place for themselves in this world.

Where once rubble and destruction existed, now thriving cities stand and welcome the future for its people.

Here’s a look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bomb and now.

1. Hiroshima, when it was bombed and the city it is today

hiroshima 1945

2. Hiroshima Atomic Dome, the only thing that survived the bomb

atomic dome then


atomic done now

3. Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki, the foundations survived

Urakami-Cathedral1 then

Now a museum.

Urakami-Cathedral now a museum

4. Nagasaki Medical College destroyed with only shells remaining

Economic Times

It breathes life again


5. Aloi Bridge Hiroshima, nothing was left

aloi bridge then
The Logical Indian

Now a place of beauty


6. Shiroyama National School in Nagasaki

Shiroyama National School in Nagasaki
City Lab

Now the home of Shiroyama Elementary school

Shiroyama National School in Nagasaki now
The Malay Mail Online

7. The south face of Urakami Cathedral, just the door frame was left standing

south-face-of-urakami-cathedral then
Economic Times

Now a simpler look door stands

south-face-of-urakami-cathedral now
Economic Times

8. Hiroshima two days after the atomic bomb

Hiroshima two days after the atomic bomb
Hindustan Times

Now a thriving city

hiroshima  now

9. Nagasaki in 1945 after being bombed – nothing remained

Nagasaki 1945
Iconic Photos

Now a bustling metropolitan

Nagasaki now
Visit – Nagasaki

10. How it all changed – the Atomic Bomb

atomic bomb
Today I found out

Such destruction and devastation, yet they persevered.

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