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10 Glorious Images Of Pakistan from The 1990s


A glorious decade that brought numerous achievements Pakistan’s way. The first ballistic short range missile, unveiling of Al-Khalid, the first battle tank jointly made with China. Pakistan also became the 37th country to send an expedition to Antartica. No small feats for a country that had only been around less than 60 years.

This decade also brought musical talent that will be remembered as part of Pakistan’s history with bands such Awas, Vital Signs, Strings and Junoon, not to mention amazing singers such as Jawad Ahmed, Abrar-ul-Haq.

A decade of achievements in all facets of life. A decade to remembered with smiles and joy.

Take a look at the what happened in Pakistan during the 1990s. A decade to be remembered.

1. Kashmir Solidarity Day observed for the first time

Kashmir Day
Pakistan Affairs

2. Jahangir Khan makes history winning British Open Squash title 10 consecutive times

Jahangir Khan
Young Pakistan

3. Lahore – Islamabad motorway project launched

Pak Alumni

4. Pakistan wins Cricket World Cup

5. Pakistan Hockey team wins World Hockey Championships after 12 years

hockey team win in 1994

6. Pakistan defeated India in the Asian Test Championship

1999 Asian test championship
Cric Life

7. Test of nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missile Shaheen

Shaheen short range ballistic missle

8. Kargil War ends

Kargill War

9. Vital Signs become a singing sensation

10. Nawaz Sharif placed under house arrest

Nawaz Sharif under house arrest
Pakistan Policy

Weren’t the 1990s an incredible decade for Pakistan? One full of successes and joys? Stick around and see how the 21st century started out for Pakistan.

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