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10 Fantastic Images Showing The Kings Of The Battle Field: Pakistan’s Armour Division


The Armour division of the Pakistani Army has the joy of handling this amazing hot boxes known as tanks. Known as the King of the battlefield, these tanks can be a force to reckon with.

Even though they are a huge head turner, the men that operate these beasts are tested beyond limits as they not only have to manage the heat from being in a tin box but also deal with the heat that is created from firing it. They are usually a 3 or 4 man team that runs one tank. Not an easy feat to do.

To all those tank men out their ‘kudos’ not many could manage in the blistering heat that is the belly of a tank.

Below, in no particular order are the tanks that are used by the Pakistan Army currently. Take a look.

1. Al-Khalid Tank, the first that Pakistan made jointly with China

Al-Khalid Tank

2. Al Zarrar is the Main Battle tank of the Pakistani Army


3. Al-Khalid is also the Main Battle Tank of Pakistan Army

Al-Khalid main battle tank

4. The T-85


5. The T-59

The Defenders

6. The T-80 UD

Military – Today

7. The T-69


8. Mock Battle in the Cholistan Desert

Mock Battles in the Cholistan Desert

9. Pakistan Army’s Battle Tanks

10. Al – Khalid in action

Would you be able to handle one of these and deal with heat?

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