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10 Celebrity Feuds That Put Desperate Housewives To Shame


While we like to think of celebrities as being above us all, the fact is that they are human. Like most humans sometimes they just don’t get along with each other. It could be anger or jealousy or one of the million things that make us human, but the reason is not important. What is important to remember is that Celebrity fights provide an awesome spectacle. They say the darndest things and nothing is off limits when two celebrities fight. Objectively speaking it’s quite easy to see that such incidents show immaturity on their part and should best be ignored. OR you can join in the fun… FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

1. Queens of Lollywood past

Queens of Lollywood past

Reema and Meera have been rivals since the time they entered the entertainment industry in the noughties. While they’ve had their fair share of controversial exchanges, the one that really stands out is during Reema’s wedding in 2011. In the events leading up to it, the two fought over dates of their valimas culminating in Meera calling Reema a 40-year-old aunty who owed her money. For her part, Reema kept quiet and maintained that Meera and her were not friends. Meera showed up to Reema’s valima uninvited probably to upstage her, which led to Reema slamming her a few days later. Meera responded by calling her a money-grubbing “Tawaiif”. As actresses, both are now over the hill but exchanges like these help keep the spotlight firmly on them.

2. Shaan fights like a girl

shaan picks on Marwa

Saif Ali Khan said something about not having faith in Pakistan. Frankly, no one really cared until social media Pakistan went to war. After all, we are talking about Saif Ali Khan whose biggest role was in a film where he agreed to marry leftovers (Pretty Zinta) of a dying and crying SRK. Pakistanis soon jumped on the bandwagon of kicking Saif using the most dangerous weapon known to mankind (social media). Mawra was at the time traveling and just did not see what the fuss was all about, and made the cardinal sin of indirectly supporting Ghadaar Musalman Saif and his Ghadaar film Phantom. Shaan, being the gentleman that he is, decided to be a big man and went on the offensive under the hashtag #banmarwa.

Shaan fights like a girl
Express Tribune / tribune.com.pk

For what it’s worth, this is what Mawra had to say about the seasoned veterans antics:

Shaan fights like a girl 2
Marwa hocane Official / facebook.com

Mawra 1 – Haters 0

3. Veena Malik and Syed Noor

Veena and noor

Veena Malik is no stranger to controversy. After her scandalous performance in Big Boss India, veteran director Syed Noor and Veena collided on Front Line with Kamran Shahid.

Veena flexed her muscles,“If you are sitting at a big seat and you have a big name in the industry, it’s all due to me.”

Syed Noor went for the killer low blow, “Veena Malik! Have you forgotten those days when you specially came to spend night with me in Murree Hotel?”

That was ugly and fun at the same time, how often can you say that!

4. Somebody is JALeous

Somebody is JALeous

While supposedly it is water under the bridge, this feud has been rumbling under the surface and keeps on giving every once in a while.

Watch this clip (18+) of Jal band members and Haroon venting their love for Atif.

Atif and Gohar were founding members of Jal. Reportedly, Atif wanted his brother to manage the band which did not sit well with Gohar. The band broke-up and a legal battle for the band’s name ensued.

In an interview in 2011, Atif had this to say, “I made the band, I came up with the name… I was looking for a musician and I found that guy. And one fine day he said, ‘I want to be the frontman’. In a band, there’s only one frontman.”

Good stuff!

5. Punjabi bhangra battle

bhangra battle

These two have been going at it since the resurgence of Bhangra music in the 90s. Call it professional jealousy or outright hatred, but shots are often fired without thought. On an episode of Front Line with Kamran Shahid, things came to a head. Jawad outright accused Abrar of being corrupt, saying, “Abrar Ul Haq is looting people. The donation he takes is not for hospitals but he keeps the donations for himself.”

Unfortunately, Shehzad Roy was on the scene to break-it-up before things got out of hand. Too bad for us!

6. Hamza Ali Abbasi – The moral crusader or Mardon ki Meera

Hamza Ali Abbasi – The moral crusader or Mardon ki Meera
Express Tribune Blogs / blogs.tribune.com.pk

There is not much to say about Hamza Ali Abbasi. The fact is that even if he talks sense, his nonsense often overshadows it putting his common sense into question. As the king of social media buzz, soon after Saba Qamar’s item number had just been released, he posted this:

Hamza Ali Abbasi – The moral crusader

Saba hit back with a retort of her own calling Hamza, “Mardon Ki Meera”, further stating that it was Hamza who had encouraged her to do the song in the first place.

Hamza Ali Abbasi – Mardon ki Meera

Hamza really needs to stop meddling in other people’s business.

7. Mahira needs acting lessons from Meera

Mahira needs acting lessons from Meera

In a candid interview last month Mahira shared her thoughts about Bollywood and working there.

She said,“The more clothes you wear, the more respect you’re given. You don’t need to do an item number for respect here.”

For some reason (I think paranoia), Meera felt insulted by this and had a go at Mahira. In a tweet that was later deleted she said, “Mahira khan doesn’t know how to act at all. Don’t waste time to watching her movies and commercials.” Allegedly she even said that Mahira was not even Pakistani.

Mahira and Meera in an all-out slug-fest. Now that’s something I would pay good money to see.

8. Muhammad Asif and Veena Malik – love / hate relationship

Muhammad Asif and Veena Malik - love / hate relationship

Veena and Asif were in a relationship. Once that ended, the gloves came off and the brass knuckles came out. Veena sued Asif for the recovery of 3.4 million Rs.

Veena said,“When he was banned from cricket and when no one was willing to support or help him I stood by his side and I gave him money which he said he would pay me back when things improved.”

Asif on the other hand, maintained that she was a jaded lover looking to get his attention. But reports say that she was madly in love with him, but he dumped her and married someone else. Veena went on record to state that she had documentary proof of the money she was giving to Asif.

In an interview later to the Times of India, Veena made some astounding admissions about Asif as the tremendous lover that he was,“He has physically attacked me, and that too not once, but several times… He would get drunk and thrash me. He has slapped me for no reason in front of his friends.”

9. Shaan Shahid rebuked by Ali Zafar

Shaan has been vocal of his dislike for Pakistani actors working in Bollywood, labeling them as sell-outs. At the time, Ali Zafar had been making waves across the border and Shaan’s comments were taken as a thinly veiled dig at him. As someone who talks a lot about the moral high ground, Shaan has often let his words betray him. On this occasion, Ali Zafar hit back.

There were reports, that the film fraternity wanted Ali to apologize to Shaan. There were also reports that this was because Shaan strong-armed the Urdu press into making him come across as the hero. Kudos to Ali for standing his ground!

10. Mubashir Luqman vs Amir Liaquat – Round 1 – FIGHT

Mubashir Luqman vs Amir Liaquat – Round 1 - FIGHT
Siasi TV / siasitv.com

Mubashir Luqman went after Amir Liaquat for being a fake. He “alleged” that Amir Liaquat was not a PhD or even a Masters. While things in the press were getting heated up with Mubashir pulling no punches, the two almost got into a fist fight in a local hotel in Lahore. It was reported that Mubashir threatened Amir and Geo, even going as far as saying he would kill him. It would have been nice had some punches really been thrown, but for now verbal jousting will do.

Celebrity feuds are a long standing tradition of the entertainment industry. Long may it continue!